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Sincerely, Dr. Tamara Garrett, DDS

“I would like to personally recommend the Airgle AG600. I’m a dentist with over 20 years of experience. The Airgle is compact, seamless and quiet. You can immediately feel the difference and even my patients notice. I have peace of mind knowing that my practice is using a hospital grade product that is effective down Sincerely, Dr. Tamara Garrett, DDS

Toby Kravitz DDS, FAGD

“During this uncertain time amidst the reopening of my dental practice, both my staff and patients take comfort knowing that Airgle’s advanced purification system can clean the air in my treatment room every six minutes! Knowing that the air coming out of it is completely free of any contaminate is very reassuring. I can’t wait Toby Kravitz DDS, FAGD

Dr. Thomas Blake, DDS

Thank you so much for recommending the Airgle AG600. I have been running the Airgle systems in each operatory of my dental practice since we reopened from the COVID-19 closure

Shannon Allison, DDS, PA
Allison and Associates

I feel very confident using the Airgle AG600 units in my dental clinic. After lots of research and COVID-19 webinars, I felt I needed to address the aerosol issues at the source. Having the units in