Since 1999, the Airgle Corporation has been an industry leader with worldwide distribution of medical-grade air purification systems, both stand-alone and HVAC compatible. Our air purification solutions are engineered to combat airborne pathogens, including COVID(CoV-2), ultra-fine particulates and VOCs in all indoor settings.

“I would like to personally recommend the Airgle AG600. I’m a dentist with over 20 years of experience. The Airgle is compact, seamless and quiet. You can immediately feel the difference and even my patients notice. I have peace of mind knowing that my practice is using a hospital grade product that is effective down to .003 microns.”

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Sincerely, Dr. Tamara Garrett, DDS

“During this uncertain time amidst the reopening of my dental practice, both my staff and patients take comfort knowing that Airgle’s advanced purification system can clean the air in my treatment room every six minutes! Knowing that the air coming out of it is completely free of any contaminate is very reassuring. I can’t wait for the extraoral evacuator attachment that we can position close to the area where our heads are, to gather the aerosol very close to the source, is even more comforting. There are less expensive units in the market, but I feel that I’ve spent my money well. Great product and I would definitely recommend it.”

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Toby Kravitz DDS, FAGD

“Thank you so much for recommending the Airgle AG600. I have been running the Airgle systems in each operatory of my dental practice since we reopened from the COVID-19 closure. The AG600 units are just the right size for the 12 x 12 foot operatories and even at high speed, they do not distract from talking with patients or assistants. What I like the most are the filtration specs of the Airgle AG600. I like that the Airgle is capable of 99.999% filtration down to .003 microns, which is far smaller than the finest aerosols or even an individual viral particle. It’s the excess capacity that creates a solid sense of confidence in the filtration system. With the addition of the Dental Smart FlexHose point source evacuation, I’ll have the peace of mind that I have the most effective system to control 10 micron and smaller aerosols. These small aerosols have the ability to become airborne for long periods of time and travel deep into the airways. Controlling these aerosols allows me to keep my staff and patients safe and healthy while taking care of daily dental surgeries and cleanings.”

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Dr. Thomas Blake, DDS

“I feel very confident using the Airgle AG600 units in my dental clinic. After lots of research and COVID-19 webinars, I felt I needed to address the aerosol issues at the source. Having the units in each operatory definitely improves the air quality via rapid air turnover and through the unique oxidizing process generated from the patented UVC-Titanium Dioxide module. Plus, the units have a modern and sophisticated design which look great in any space.”

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Shannon Allison, DDS, PA
Allison and Associates

“My partners and I are very appreciative that we secured the Airgle units. The Airgle AG600 has allowed us to continue practicing dentistry in a safe environment. It has put both the employees and the patients minds at ease. The pass through air design allows us to strategically position and move air away from the providers. The craftsmanship and finish are outstanding. In a tight dental operatory space, everything about the design just makes sense! We would expect them to outperform anything else on the market. In addition to their ultra-fine filtration capabilities, the VOC removal makes the dental office air healthier then we could have ever imagined. I had researched many products on the market but was left feeling uncertain about performance capabilities of competitors’ products. If it wasn’t for Airgle’s commitment towards customer service and education, we would have never gained the knowledge to make an informed decision towards purchasing the very best air purification systems available. Thank you to Airgle for providing outstanding products and service in a difficult time. It’s truly the best investment we made for the future health of our patients and staff.”

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Twin Cranes Dental Group
Dr. Huckeby
Dr. Aleksic
Dr. Goroski

“Having the Airgle AG600 Air Purifiers in our dental office has been a great blessing. It is the best air purifier out there to provide the highest quality of air for my patients and staff. This world-class medical-grade air purifier removes chemicals, toxins, germs, odors and most importantly will kill airborne viruses to help reduce the spread. The unit is well built and is very quiet and efficient. I strongly recommend Airgle Air Purifiers to any of my colleagues. I thank Airgle Air Purifiers for the peace of mind I have, knowing that these units are in my office.”

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Dr. Peter King, DDS

“We have been very happy with the Airgle AG600 air purifier for our dental office. It is modern looking, compact and so quiet, you can barely hear it. The staff appreciates having the extra layer of protection while they work and the patients have felt secure coming in for dental work knowing we have the Airgle.”

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Dr. Carrie Gray, DMD Naugatuck, CT