Airgle AG600D Extraoral FlexHose Kit
Airgle® Extraoral Dental Smart FlexHose (AG600D) is engineered to facilitate the removal of potentially... Read More +
Note: Airgle AG600 air purifier is sold separately

The Airgle® AG600D Extraoral FlexHose. Airgle AG600D Extraoral FlexHose for all hospitals and clinics (medical and dental) applications. Indoor air purification down to a certified 0.003 microns with 99.999% efficiency.

  • Compatible with AG600 (air purifier is sold separately)
  • Mobility
  • Air volume/flow control from the hose
  • 5-foot aluminum evacuation arm
  • Evacuation arm rotates 360° degrees
  • Disposable snout
  • Disposable filter
  • Easy installation and removal

Description: Synthetic Flat sheet Media(cHEPA)

cHEPA Filter removes
99.999% of particles >0.003um

Disposable snouts and filters

The disposable and easily removable snout improves spot collection of particles and droplets aerosolized by dental procedures. The disposable filter keeps large droplets and particles from entering the attachment.

Directional air flow conforms to CDC guidelines

Under the New CDC guidelines, portable air filtration units should be near the patient’s chair, but not behind DHCP. The unit’s casters ensure that it is easy to position. This, combined with Airgle’s directional airflow, allows the DHCP to properly position the unit to ensure that air is not drawn or blown toward the DHCP.

“During this uncertain time amidst the reopening of my dental practice, both my staff and patients take comfort knowing that Airgle’s advanced purification system can clean the air in my treatment room every six minutes! Knowing that the air coming out of it is completely free of any contaminate is very reassuring.

I can’t wait for the extraoral evacuator attachment, which we’ll position close to where our heads are, in order to collect the aerosol very near the source, is even more comforting. There are less expensive units on the market, but I feel that I’ve spent my money well. Great product and I would definitely recommend it.”

Dr. Toby Kravitz DDS, FAGD

What Our Clients Have To Say

Exceeded Our Expectations
We are incredibly impressed with the fit and finish of our Airgle systems. The level of air purification they provide exceeds the specs of any other system I've used previously.
Airgle Sets Our Mind At Ease
The Airgle AG600 systems have allowed us to continue working in a safe environment. It has put both the employees and the visitors’ minds at ease. Thank you.
Trusted And Used With Confidence
We feel very confident using the Airgle AG600 units at our office. Having the units in each operatory definitely improves the air quality via rapid air turnover.

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