Airgle AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier


Coverage Area:
  • 3085 sq ft – 1 air change every 60 min (1 ACH*)
  • 1542 sq ft – 1 air change every 30 min (2 ACH*)
  • 1028 sq ft – 1 air change every 20 min (3 ACH*)
  • 771 sq ft – 1 air change every 15 min (4 ACH*)
  • 617 sq ft – 1 air change every 12 min (5 ACH*)

*ACH = Air Changes per Hour

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The Airgle® AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier. Featuring enhanced filtration technology that utilizes a cHEPA filter stage, premium activated carbon and Airgle’s patented Titanium Pro UV Module to achieve unmatched air purification along with the reduction of airborne pathogens (including CoV-2), harmful chemicals and gases and other ultra-fine contaminants. Airgle’s cHEPA filter possesses cleanroom-grade purification with an efficiency of 99.999% at 0.003 microns. That is 100x more discriminating than traditional HEPA filter media.

Airgle’s flagship model, the (AG900) is a commercial and medical-grade air purifier specifically engineered to combat airborne pathogens, ultra-fine particulates, VOCs and all other airborne contaminants. Ideal for hospitals, medical and dental clinics, operatories, schools, office buildings, hospitality, government entities and for many other institutions and industries. The AG900 cHEPA filter (40sqft) is capable of removing ultra-fine particulates, including nanoparticles as small as 0.003 microns (0.003μm) with a 99.999% efficiency. Nanoparticles such as viruses, can pass through ordinary filters and can remain airborne almost indefinitely. Additionally, the Airgle AG900 possesses 6lbs. of activated premium carbon to remove chemicals and VOCs. Lastly, the Titanium Pro® UV Module is a patented, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) stage with an ultraviolet UV element, which irradiates viruses (to their DNA) and other pathogens, neutralizing them by way of photocatalytic oxidation down to 0.01 microns.


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